Mentoring & Creativity Coaching

The mentoring service is fully customisable depending on what each individual needs at the time. I only have a limited number of available mentoring slots each month.

For any questions about any of these services or to make a booking please use the contact form found here.

Single Hour Session:

A one-off session which can include, but is not limited to, any of the following:

  • Feedback on your story outline or back cover copy
  • How to develop ideas for your cover and then write a cover brief for your chosen designer or artist
  • Up to three craft or publishing related questions
  • General guidance on setting up a sustainable writing practice
  • Advice on the gerneal setup and planning of your self publishing business
  • Instruction on how to format your manuscript using Word or similar programs


$55 AUD via email or messenger (Zoom calls are available on request but they are strictly limited and will cost an additional $25 AUD per hour)

Additional hours can be added at $45 AUD per hour (+$15 AUD for Zoom sessions) (two hours will cost a total $100 AUD for email or messenger or $140 AUD via Zoom)

Ongoing Mentoring & Support:

A fully customisable service that can involve guidance for your project from conception to completion and/or the development of creative routines and schedules that match your individual creative process and the needs of your project.

The duration of this service is decided on a case-by-case basis and can include, but is not limited to:

  • Assistance setting up a sustainable writing practice
  • Finding your individual creative process and developing an understanding of your optimum output to assist in the creation of realistic project timelines and goals
  • Helping you nurture your creativity through periods of stagnation
  • Chapter-by-chapter critique as you complete your current draft
  • Regular accountability check-ins that are flexible to your schedule

Price guide:

Given the nature of this type of mentoring, prices are negotiated at the time of booking, but below are a few examples of the rough cost for certain scenarios. These prices are a guide only for an accurate quote based on your individual needs and circumstances please contact me.

Developing a sustainable creative practice
Project time: 10 weeks
Check-in frequency: weekly
Notes: analysis of time management and creative output over four weeks, then development of sustainable creative practice in order to make and meet career goals going forward. Followed by 6 weeks of basic check-ins to ensure the client is on track. (This service includes zoom calls.)

Cost: $300 AUD

Regular accountability check-in without critique
Project timeline: 2 months
Check-in frequency: weekly
Notes: A weekly check-in to make sure word count goals are being met and the project is moving forward at a pace that will see it completed by (deadline date). These check-ins are very basic, just a quick email to make sure that the author is on track.

Cost: $80 AUD

Regular Accountability check-in with critique
Project timeline: 6 months
Check-in frequency: weekly
Notes: At least one completed chapter turned in each week. With feedback given within 24 hrs, the author submits any questions they have about the current direction of the manuscript or has the chance to brainstorm the upcoming chapters, equivalent to a one-hour mentoring session.

Cost: $1200 AUD