About Me

C.E. Page has been dreaming up stories of faraway places and strange magics for as long as she can remember. She lives on the east coast of Australia with her partner, Evan, two balls of pure energy in the shape of young boys, and a honey badger masquerading as dog.

An avid reader and gamer, she loves devouring a good story in whatever form it takes. When not writing, reading or commandeering the PlayStation from the kids, she can be found quilting, knitting, or playing D&D. She also has possesses the bad habit of going down too many rabbit holes when doing research and finds talking about herself in the third person extremely odd.

Fun Facts:

Drinks both tea and coffee, but prefers tea.
Likes dark chocolate, especially with peppermint.
Peppermint is both her favourite scent and flavour.
If she was sorted into a Hogwarts house she would be Ravenclaw despite having a few Hufflepuff qualities.
If astrology is your jam, she is sun in Sagittarius and moon in Cancer, with Sagittarius ascending.
She is an INFP-T and Enneagram 4.