The Devil's Tangle

Woven Fate #1

A stolen rose, a mad prince, a sister’s sacrifice, and the dark curse that binds them.

Music is Dahlia’s life. Born with the uncanny ability to play any instrument she picks up, her songs seem to possess the power to transfix, soothe, and even heal their listeners. But in her world of expected propriety and dutiful acceptance of her future as the wife of Lord John Beaumont such a gift has no place. Like the ruined castle at the center of the wildwood it reminds people of the old stories. Stories of enchanted beasts, changelings, and immortal bargains. Stories better forgotten. But on the night of solstice those ancient tales come crashing into reality when Dahlia’s younger sister, Helena, plucks a rose from the ruined castle’s overgrown garden.

For centuries Caspien Greythorn has been a loyal servant of the Master, the fae prince who guards the forgotten castle that was once a bridge a between realms. But when a foolish mortal girl steals from the palace garden and her equally foolish sister begs to be punished for the theft in her sister’s place that loyalty is stretched to breaking point. Who is this strange young woman with eyes like burned honey and the exiled prince’s gift of song? Is she the soul rumoured to be able to break the Master’s curse or is she just a deadly distraction?

What is the price of a single rose? For Dahlia, it just might cost her soul.